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Quality Of Life Resources

Our pets are cherished family members and they provide us with incredible companionship and unconditional love.  Sadly, there sometimes comes a point in time when we must make a very difficult decision about their quality of life.  The Murray Hill Veterinary Associates team feels very strongly that it is our responsibility to help guide our patients and their families through the very challenging and emotional process of end of life care.  As part of this, we want to provide useful and informative resources for those families considering euthanasia for their pet.  

We value your trust in us as caretakers for your furred and feathered family members, and we hope that the following information will prove helpful and comforting as you navigate this very difficult phase of pet parenting. 

  1.  Ohio State University Quality of Life Assessment

  2. Lap of Love Quality of Life Scale and Pet Family Concerns

  3. Journeys Home Quality of Life Scale Calculator


After losing a pet, we face the challenge of continuing on without our beloved animal companions in our lives. Coping with the loss of a beloved family member is an emotional process and it is important to know you are not alone during this difficult time. There are many resources available which provide safe and effective strategies for coping after such a loss, and some may even include access to veterinary-specific social workers. Cornell University has an established Pet Loss Support Hotline that is dedicated to providing cost-free consolation and support to families and individuals who have lost a pet.  Many local referral hospitals also provide both in-person and virtual support options. 


  1. Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline

  2. NorthStar VETS Pet Loss and Bereavement Support

  3. Oradell Animal Hospital Pet Bereavement Resources

  4. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Pet Loss Support


We hope that by making these resources easily accessible, our clients will feel empowered to better assess their animals' quality of life and truly understand when euthanasia should be considered.  Please know that the veterinary team at Murray Hill Veterinary Associates is here to help guide and support our clients whenever we are needed.


Additional Resources

  1. New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association End of Life Resources

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