Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Dr. Charney performing a surgery with Anne assisting.

Dr. Charney performs surgery while surgical technician Anne monitors anesthesia.

Hospital in the autumn.

Dr. Christensen reviewing digital x-rays

Dr. Christensen reviews digital x-rays of a puppy's injured knee.
Dog receiving chemotherapy treatment from Dr. Heacock

Dr. Heacock administering chemotherapy with assistance by Farnaz and Jeff.
Dr. Flora working on cases

Dr. Flora writing up her surgical cases. 
Lauren and Dawn performing a dental cleaning

Lauren assists surgical technician Dawn in performing a dental cleaning.

View of hospital from the parking lot.

Technician Dawn helps Dr. Heacock with an injured red tailed hawk.

Surgical technician Anne and Winston sharing a moment.

Dr. Brody gives Ruby her annual check up with Wendy assisting.

It's small wonder that little Rupert brings out a smile from technician Jeff.

Technician Lauren is happy to oblige when Brady needs a hug.

Holden and Phoebe relaxing before their neuter and spay procedures.

Warm hearts and cold noses are inside!

Dr. Darby performing a splenectomy.

Wendy rides herd over Molly's pups.